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McIntosh C20 Preamp ()

Submitted by on September 15, 2012 – 11:06 am

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McIntosh C20 Preamp () Picture and Description:

 558101907258028150 McIntosh C20 Preamp ()

You are bidding on a McIntosh C20 Preamp. This is an early model with a brass faceplate. This unit was rebuilt by C-Tech Electronics in May of 2010. Serial Number 5LI80. The restoration includes: (1) Check all tubes on a calibrated Hickok tester. Bad tubes replaced at extra cost. We recommend the new Mullard Re-issue tubes from New Sensor, of which we are an authorized distributor. (2) Completely rebuild the power supply, using our C-20 capacitor refurbish Kit. This kit consists of direct fit cans. We replace all three cans. No chassis modifications and no ugly capacitors glued or bolted to the chassis. The silicon filament top hat rectifiers are removed and replaced with 3A 1000 PIV diodes as well. (3) Replace main (Mostly Bumble Bee Caps) audio coupling capacitors in the high level section, with high grade Illinois Capacitor or Mallory 150M Metalized Polypropylene capacitors, rated at 630V. This makes a huge difference in high frequency and mid-band response. Other capacitor options are avaiable at extra cost, such as Audience Auricaps. There are approximately 24 coulping cpacitors in the most C20's high level section, most are bumble bees, which don't age well. The phono section can also be done at extra cost. (4) Check for out of tolerance resistors and replace as required (up to 4), others at extra cost. (5) Replace bulbs as required (bulbs at extra cost) (6) Clean switches and tube sockets with Caig De-oxit (7) Clean balance and volume control with Caig Fader Lube (8) Check all Power Supply and tubes voltages. (9) Perform a complete test suite (after a 15 minute warm up) including: Sensitivity, Channel Balance, Freuency Response, Maximum output, THD @ 1Khz and 20 Khz at Rated (2.5V) output, and Hum and Noise below rated output (10) In system listening evaluation (11) Lightly clean the chassis only at the request of the owner Issues (1) The faceplate is cracked see photo 2. This early model faceplate has two colors green and white and made of plastic. This is typical of early model brass faceplates. All lettering on the faceplate is present and eazy to read. (2) The lettering on the back of the unit is flaking off (see photo 3) and is hard to read. I use the owners manual to make shure the connections are correct. (3) The wood case has been sanded and one or two spots have gone through the veneer. I would rate the wood an 8 out of 10. Money Invested The following is a list of the money invested in this C20 Purchase $995.00 Shipping $61.70 Shipping $61.70 Refurb $815.00 Balance & Test $235.00 Shipping $61.70 $2,230.10 Also Included Are: 2 - Copies of the Owners Manual 1- Photofact Folder 1- McIntosh C20 Ad 1- Repair Invoice from C-Tech Electronics 1- Test Report from C-Tech Electronics USA Sales Only Shipping to confirmed address only. All Sales Are Final (No Returns)

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